The Mother's Insane Asylum!

Oh my! What a day it's been. Or should I say a week. My four year old has become a little trouble maker. Actually, I'd just call him the ring leader of the gang. His gang consists of his two little sisters. And a what a gang they are. If I'm supposed to learn patience, they are definitely testing me! Just found this quote:
Oh how true. We used to have preschool everday of the week. Now we are down to 2 days a week. I'm missing those extra hours of school a week! 
So anyway, back to what has been making me insane with my "Gang" of toddlers. They won't leave the mattresses on their bed! For a week and a half now, I've been putting sheets back on mattresses and mattresses back on beds about 3 or 4 times a day! What in the world?! What is this obsession these kids have? Leave the stinkin' mattress on the bed! This is what I contantly find after 2 minutes of unsupervised play in their bedrooms! 

I was steamed after I found this for the hundredth time today. So I loaded all four kiddos and ran over to my JoAnn's. Then loaded all four kids in their ridiculously small shopping carts and bought an entire spool (about 13 yards) of strapping and 5 buckles. Metal buckles. You see, my "Gang" has the capability of breaking those cheapy plastic buckles. (We have 4 booster seats, all with replaced buckles! I know what they are capable, or at least the minimum!) 

So here's my project today. Amoung all else, try to figure out a way to take 13 yards of strapping, 5 buckles, some thread and my sewing machine to attach 3 mattress to their respective beds so a toddler can not remove them! Wish me luck. Oh, also, the four year old ripped open his full diaper all over his room. Oh the joys of Motherhood! Ahhh!
On a good note, I get to go to 12 hour crop night on Saturday! Twelve hours of no fighting, changing diapers, fixing my broken house, or cleaning. Just me and my Cameo and some lovely ladies! Mmmmm...Happy Mother's day to me!  


  1. ROFL!! You definitely deserve that 12 hour crop - I just hope you are not so tired that you fall asleep and fall over and your forehead gets stuck to your sticky mat!

    Good luck with operation Mattress Tie Down!

  2. I would just leave the mattresses on the floor and when they have to go to bed put them in bed in the beds on the floor with no sheets and no blankets. if that's how they want the beds to be then let them sleep in them that way, no special blanket nothing they will soon hate it and leave them on the beds, I would spank my kids but that is me, my boys are 22 and 20 and they are good boys. But that is a whole new

  3. OMG you had me almost in tears reading this, aren't kids the craziest little critters? I can totally see my 2yr old doing this once I convert her crib! Do share your solution and if it worked :)


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