3D Snowman Assembly Tutorial

Here's a roll-y friend just set for a frolic in the winter cold!
(And to think he was "born" in Texas!)
He is one of a series of fun and fast slice-form figures
that will add a little magic to your holiday crafting.
Follow these easy steps and he'll be
ready before you know it.

Step 1. Identify the cut shapes used to put the snowman together:
A: front side right and front side left
B: front right center and front left center
C: carrot nose     D: face base shape
E: eye pupils    F: "coal" smiles
G: back pieces (interchangeable)
H: earmuffs

Step 2. Begin the face assembly by attaching eye pupils at bottom
of the eye area, and the coal smile over matching base shape.
Fold nose along center perforation as "mountain" or outward fold.

Step 3. Fold the nose extension of the face assemble outward
until it is at a right angle to the center support.
Glue the carrot nose over the nose extension.

Here you can see how the carrot nose
fits over the extension.

Step 4. Study and arrange the body parts
as shown by this overhead view of their final arrangement.
The front body shapes below correspond to the
arrangement as diagrammed above.
Step 5. Fold the front four body shapes on center
perforations as "valley" or inward folds.
Lay the four shapes in order to match the layout
shown above Step 1.

Step 6. Attach each A to its adjacent B body shape
by gluing the surfaces the line up together, as shown here
(one representative side shown).

Step 7. Align and join the two front "halves".

Step 8. Arrange and join the four G back pieces in
a similar manner.
Step 9. Join the front and back halves.

Step 10. Identify the face tab extensions
on the center side body extensions.

Step 11. Glue the smile ends to the face tabs.
Step 12. Glue the earmuff over the similar
shape extensions on the head sides.

Here is how your snowman looks when completed.
Find other 3d slice form holiday figures from
SnapDragon Snippets in the
Silhouette America online store.
Figures include: Santa, and Penguin.
Other 3d projects include: tree, barn, gift boxes.

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