3D Chimney Assembly Tutorial

1. Identify the pieces.
(NOTE: missing from this photo is the RIM BASIN
which has a shape like a 'Roman cross'
and is part of the LID assembly.)

2. Begin with the LID assembly.
Fold the four rim basin shape with inward/upward folds.
Join at four corners by overlapping the triangular
tab at the adjacent side edge. 

3. Fold the upper tabs outward.

4. Center the basin so that perforations align with the square
cutout of the RIM FRAME. Glue tabs securely.

This is what the RIM assembly looks like at this point.

5. Join the Snow pieces end to end.

6. Fold tabs back, then glue each section to one RIM section.

This is how the completed LID should look.

7. Construct the BOX.
Fold the box section like this, sides upward and tabs inward.

8. Attach each tab to the adjacent side to form the completed box.

9. Prepare the four INNER RIM pieces as shown,
with some "mountain" and some "valley" folds.
NOTE that there are 2 different shapes: 
A) at top with "fang" shaped lower edge tabs and end tabs;
B) with only upper and lower tabs.
These will alternate in joining order.

10. Join A pieces lower tabs to opposite upper edges of box
with "fang" tab edges being attached.
Fold "fang" tabs upward to be out of the way for next step.

11. Join B pieces lower tabs to box.

12. Fold pieces outward to 90 degress,
forming the under rim. Overlap "fang" tabs 
and glue to adjacent narrow sections.

13. Fold the next "level" of sections upward.
Glue side tabs to the adjacent edges that
they align with following the folding upward step.

14. Fold the top sections inward, overlap
and glue the miter seam.

Here you see the red box and gray rim completed.
15. Center and attach a "brickwork" accent 
piece to each side of box.
16. Fit the LID over the base BOX for the completed project.

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