3D Present Boxes tutorial

Construction for each size box will be the same.

1. Identify and cut the shapes. 

2. These are the shapes needed for the BOX.

3. Fold the "coffin" shaped SIDES shapes 
with inward folds on all perforations.

4. Join ends with tab 
(shaped ends will be at opposite ends
from the joint).

5. Fold shorter side sections with all inward folds.
Join tab end to center section of previous
side assembly.

This is how the assembly should look at this point.

6. Fold one "shaped" side and two tab sides 
upward to form a box,
then glue and attach the tabs to the
adjacent box side edges.

7. Apply glue to the inside bottom "liner" piece . . .

. . . then insert into the bottom of the assembly and secure.

This is how the assembly should look at this point.

8. Attach the tabs of the remaining two side "seams".
Apply adhesive to the inner surfaces of the end "liner squares".

9. Fold each side "liner" into the box completely
until it "snaps" into place against the side and
lower assembly edges.

This is how the box base should look.

10. Construct the LID section in a similar fashion,
joining sections to form a center panel, 
then joining the side sections,
folding sides upward and joining tabs to form rim
with reinforcing inner rectangle,
then folding inner sections to the inside of the lid.

11. Fold and attach the "cross" ribbon shape to the lid.

12. Place the lid onto the base.
Attach the side ribbon strips so that they
align with the lid ribbon shape ends.

13. prepare the box. Shape the loop pieces by
"curling" over thumb or fingers.

This is how the loops should look after shaping.

14. Fold side loops over, align and attach end
"rectangle" tabs.

15. Overlap and join end loop tab to end tab
of center loop shape.

16. Overlap and join end tabs of final side loop,
with long end "rectangle" tab extended and folded as shown.

17. Slip the center end tab into place and glue.

18. Bring first loop tab and second tabs together
as shown and glue.

This is how completed bow should appear.
with extending tabs for right and left.

19. Apply glue to tabs, position and align
over "cross" ribbon on lid.

This is how finished lid should appear.

Here is the assembled box with lid in place.


  1. What is the size of this box, please?

  2. I want to say.....Awesome job. Keep it up

  3. The boxes as shown are 2x2x3 but can be blown up to larger if needed.


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