An update

I thought maybe I'd better give you an explanation why I haven't been around in awhile. I'm not gone for good, just busy. You know how busy it was before with 4 kiddos, working, then Brookie's accident in February, other issues to deal with my 2nd son, and trying to run a household at the same time without any family close.

Well, we have this problem, that when life is busy, might as well make it crazier!! I guess that's why we had 4 kids in 4 years. You'd think we'd learn! Oh, and don't even ask if I'm preggie! :) I'm good with the 4 "sweethearts" we have. No, instead, we bought a new house! We're moving! And my oldest just started Kindergarten! And he just started soccer! And my husbands entire work schedule just got completely rearranged! Enough exclamation points? Yes, I am going crazy. ;)

So, for the last few weeks, I've been getting everything ready for my babe to start school in another school district, get the 4 year old set up with his special programs, figure out how to adjust to the hubby being home during part of the week and gone on the weekends and pack the entire house.
I haven't packed myself in a long time. Our past 3 moves have been transfers from my hubby's employers, so we've had a moving company. Now I'm on my own and don't know what the heck I'm doing. Ummm...I think I've made it to about 20 boxes packed. This is going to take awhile.

Last time we packed ourselves, we were moving just the hubby and I from our tiny little 500 square foot apartment in college to Cali. Now it's an entire household. Oh my! Breath...breath...breath. Okay. I can do this. Maybe!?

I have a proposal to make to one of my wonderful Silhouette fans that is willing. I need help. I love making these creations for Silhouette. I have so many fun 3D ideas. But as you can see, I'm lacking badly in staying on top of the tutorials. For one of the Silhouette fans, I will send you every 3D design I create for free. You part is to create an easy to follow tutorial for assembly with photos and text. Or if you are technology savvy, a video. (Really wish I knew how to do video myself!) I will need it in one week from the time I send you the file. 
So, if you feel you are up to it,

  • Leave your name.
  • Leave your blog or website address

    ---If you don't have a blog or website but are still interested---
  • Create a sample tutorial of any 3d shape and send it to info[at]snapdragonsnippets[dot]com (substitute the "[at]" for the "@" symbol and the "[dot]" for a period ".")
While I'm updating on everything else, for those who are interested, I thought I'd update you on Brookie. For anyone new reading my blog, we had a horrible event happen in February. My 3rd baby, Brooklynn or Brookie as we call her, fell out her second story window onto concrete. She was 2.5 at the time. She suffered from a traumatic brain injury and was hospitalized for almost a month. Or maybe I should say "only" for a month. In a little over 3 weeks, she went from a vegetable state that we didn't think she would recover from to almost her silly, bubbly, talking, running self.

We've had our rough days since then that many of you have read about and we still have a few of those. But...a few days last week, my husband pointed out what I had been noticing. Her sparkle was back.

Before the accident she was the brightest eyed little blonde girl with so much life, energy and pizzazz. This little girl cheered up all around her. She cared about all. She loved to entertain. She LOVED to make people smile.

After she fell and slowly recovered her ability to eat, and talk and walk, her eyes were not the same. You've heard the phrase:

There really is something to the eyes. Brookie is doing amazing. I think back to the horrible month. It is unbelievable how well she is doing. She is going to start dance soon, she says the funniest things, she runs and plays. And, she gives the best hugs! 


  1. oh so glad to hear your daughter's recovery is progressing so well. I once had a student in my aerobics class whose son fell out a window - very scary thing. he also recovered:-) deep breaths!! you are in a busy phase of life but it does go by fast.

  2. it is always find difficult to find balance in you familie life even with one child
    gr corinne

  3. Nothing makes a mom's heart smile more than seeing that sparkle in her little one's eye. After everything you all have been through I can only imagine how much of a miracle that seems. Glad to hear Brookie is doing so well. Big Happy Hugs to you all!

    No wonder your life is so busy - even without the moving tossed in there it's gotta be exhausting. Congrats on the new house though, and good luck with the packing. I hope you can enjoy some of the excitement! (at least until you try unpacking and finding everything, lol!!)

    And you already know how nuts I am about all your 3D's - I would lovvvvvve to play and help make tutorials!!!!! Pleeeeease let me audition!!!!

    ....ok, one more whiny beg....Pleeeeeeeeeeeze?!!!

  4. prayers to you and yours. Brookie is soo cute! God Bless! Janet Royer

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