3D Stiletto Tutorial

You are going to be so happy about what I'm going to say. At long last, there is a tutorial for the 3D Stiletto!
So I myself am in the middle of moving my entire household and just couldn't find a moment to create the tutorial like I had planned. I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you to the amazing Denni!
One of my great blogging girlfriends has put a darling tutorial together for you. I am so excited with what she can do. Her creativity is absolutely amazing! I think you are going to be so inspired with what she does! I love everything she creates!
For the tutorial, follow this link to Starlight Studio.

I really wanted to show you the photo at the end of her post, but I think I'll wait to let you see her finished product for yourself. Even if you're not making it now, I would STRONGLY suggest seeing what she has done with this design. Absolutely amazing and such an inspiration!

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