3D Basket Tutorial

These fun little baskets are great for gifts and are pretty easy for the most part to assemble. There are a few tricks to assembly though, and I'll show them to you hear in this tutorial.
First of, cut your basket out with your Silhouette. I suggest a lightweight to mediumweight double sided cardstock with different patterns or colors on each side. (If you're new to my blog and don't know about the Silhouette, go to http://www.silhouetteamerica.com/.) There should be a total of two pieces that you'll need, the body of the basket and the handle.
1. Start off by folding over the basket rim. If you lay your basket body on the table as I have in the video, then the pattern that is face-up will be the main basket, and the pattern face-down, will be your rim.

2. While rim is folded over, fold at perpendicular perforated lines towards the inside of the basket.

3. Unfold and open the basket rim. We're now going to put adhesive on the inside of the rim so that once assembled, it will stay together. I just use a double stick adhisive tape runner for mine.

*add your adhesive to the areas shown circled in PINK. Be sure NOT to put adhesive in the areas circled in YELLOW. If you add adhesive to the areas circled in yellow, it will be difficult to add your baskets handle.  

4. there are two section of the rim, a short section and long section. Start off with the short section. Take the corresponding base section and line the top edge with the fold going down the center of the rim as shown:

5. Carefully fold the rim back down on top of the two sections completed.

 6. Now keep the two layers of the rim slightly open so you can slide the next section into place making the top of it hit the fold crease of the rim. The sides of the section should also line up with the perpendicular fold marks you made earlier. (Where it's been perforated.)

 7. Repeat step #6 for the last section and your basket should look like this:

 8. Now it's time to tuck the tabs under the rim. This can be a little tricky because of the adhesive we put on earlier. But once you get it in place, all you have to do is finger-press it together and it won't budge. Much easier than trying to push adhesive in their after.

 9. Last portion is inserting the basket's handle. Along the rim, their are narrow rectangular holes. Slide one tab of an end of the handle into the hole and gently wiggle the other side down into the whole. These tabs make it tight and a little difficult to get the handle in but keep it from sliding out once it's in.

 10. Repeat step #9 with the other end of the handle and voila, you're finished.

 Now fill plastic grass or paper shreds and add some candy! The perfect party favor or gift.

Don't just use for Easter though, it's great for baby showers, bridal showers, holiday gifts, birthday favors. The list goes on!

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