New poll, rhinestone shamrock, heart checkerboard

Don't forget to vote in the new poll on the right side of this blog.

Now to designs:
Still working on the Scottish Castles, Egyption landmarks and Grand Canyon border, but until then, here are a few other new designs.

This would be a great gift put on a t-shirt for a child or friend. In this design, you recieve both the outline and the filled shamrock seperated. It also will be in two different sizes: 10ss rhinestones or 16ss rhinestones.
Also, here's a heart checkerboard. I've given you both versions here too. You can take the lower version and create a background with it or use the upper version to make a border that can be repeated.

More designs to come soon. Check back!


  1. I was wondering if you could do some sketches. I was thinking that the sketches could be used like stamps to some extent.
    Just an idea hope it works well for you :-)
    I would try and do some myself but in not as talented as u.

  2. Love your work...maybe you could make some Snowdrops (flowers) They are everywhere in the early spring overhere in Europe....I would really love to have some to put on cards. See here in Denmark we have a tradition to make Easter Letters to each other with either cut-outs of the flower or one enclosed. Then we write a silly verse on it and sign's it with ...... then the reciever has to guess from whom the letter came...if he or she does not guess it, they will have to give a easteregg to sender...and if they guess works the other way around. Quite fun!
    Love from Helle Bilde Müller, DK.


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