New Designs- Wallace Monument, clovers, and others.

New Designs coming this week!

This is the Wallace Monument that is near the city of Stirling in Scotland. It was built in honor of William Wallace. There is some amazing design and architecture in this monument. When I create a tourist attraction design, I do some research to make sure I'm portraying it okay. I loved learning about this building! For those of you who have had a chance to visit this, I envy you. It looks like an amazing place!

Here's a cut version of the swirly clover as requested on the Silhouette store.

And a few fun holiday shapes to go along with the lace ribbons!



  1. Thanks so much Kenzie for designing the Wallace' Monument, as I had asked. I can't wait to see which other Scottish landmarks you will come up with. I'm Soooo excited about it! I'm half Irish, too, so am loving the Irish designs also.


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