Alrighty, here is the new design coming to the online store near you! Could you guess from the clue? Here we are:

I had originally designed this to cut in three layers, but the flourishes are too fine for the machine to cut, so I've created the wedding cakes as "print and cuts." The cakes are sold in sets of 4, each with a different color of ribbons. The above set comes with Red, Black, Navy, and Chocolate Brown. Set number 2 comes with Baby blue, Lilac, Sage Green, and Mustard Yellow.

I'm hoping I've covered most wedding colors somehow since it isn't as customizable as when it was just a cut design.
So, do you ever get a song stuck in your head and you can't get it out. I'm having trouble concentrating because of that very reason. Parents out there, you may feel my pain,...the song stuck in my head is...Backyardigans. For those of you who have small children or watch small children, you may understand the frustrations I'm having right now. Can't design because "...we're your backyard friends...the Backyardigans..." is being serenaded in my brain by 5 little animal friends. Once I can get past my sickness and that obnoxious song, I'll have more designs to show you.
Be sure to check back. I'll have a preview of a lot more to come! Enjoy!

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