Tutorial: Midnight Witch Hat Box

This tutorial is for assembly of the Midnight Witch Hat box die cut that is part of the Halloween Soiree kit at SVG Attic and also pattern #33779 in the Silhouette Online Store. 

These are the shapes that you will have in your file. I cut the lid and accent piece for the brim out of purple cardstock. The base part of the box is cut from patterned orange cardstock.  The brim and the accent pieces for the lid are cut from black and purple patterned cardstock.

First, all fold lines fold in toward the wrong side of the paper. Above is about what your base will look like when all folds fold in. I prefer to crease all folds before I start assembling.

I then applied liquid adhesive to the side tab. 

Next, attach the tab on the base to the other end to form a hexagon as shown. All bottom tabs should be bent inward.

I also folded all the score lines inward on the lid.

Add liquid adhesive to the tab on the side

and attach it to the other side, forming a conical hexagon.

Next apply liquid glue to the back of your accent piece.

Attach them to the lid, lining up the open cut shapes at the bottom. 

Glue the rest of the accent pieces on in the same way and the finished lid should look like this.

I place the base inside the lid to help it keep it's form as I attach it to the brim.

Next, apply your adhesive to the tabs.

And carefully, center it on the brim. 

Remove the lid, and press down the tabs in the center to the base circle.

Apply glue to the wrong side of the accent circle

and apply it to the brim.

Here is what your hat looks like completely assembled.

Next, add whatever embellishments you want!  Have fun decorating it!

This is what it looks like filled opened with treats inside :)

I hope you have a wonderfully crafty day!
Beth's Beauties


  1. This came out just awesome Beth! and great tutorial! easy and clear ..

  2. I love looking at your creations. You made such pretty and cute things and the color schemes you use are always perfect for the project.


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