Re-sizing Patterns for Boxes

You can take a simple little box and turn it into a fun surprise for Father's Day or a masculine birthday. I made this fun 3D box combining two sets of cutting files:

I had to resize the patterns from the Griller's Gear Set to make it fit on the box but it was easy to do. I have detailed pictures below to show you the steps.

 Front of box

 Back of box

Top of box

How to step by step.

 I brought the box into my program and made it the size I wanted to cut it out. The dark blue represents the sides of the box and the light blue represents the decorative panels. As you can see above, the apron pattern was too big for the decorative panel.
I centered the apron over the decorative panel on my cutting mat and I started to size it down to fit into the area of my panel. Once it was the size I wanted, I then cut and pasted the apron into a different screen. I did this with the grill on the back too. I used the side and top panels as a guide to size the shalt and pepper shakers and spatula on the top.

The above final diagram shows how all the layers will look just before cutting and the below picture shows the box with the cover off. I used pop dots to make the cutting files on the sides stick out and to stop the cover from going all the way down since I plan on putting a big bag of m & m's in here.

I also made a card to go with the box. I used a7 griller's apron card 5x7

I had some fun with this card. I used a beige for the apron but then went back with a brown chalk ink pad and inked the pocket edges and then just started dapping and streaking the rest of the apron to give it a worn look.

Below is the back of the card. The apron string wraps around the side of the card onto the back where a spatula hangs off of it. How cute is that?


  1. Wonderful way to combine file designs. Need more and more of this kind of exposure so the world of crafting can expand their imaginations. Too often we like to "paint by number", only doing what we see in front of us, because we are more secure that it can succeed. Thanks for pushing boundaries a little.

    1. You are so right Jodi. I use to be like that but I was challenged by a friend to expand my thinking and ideas. It was hard at first but now I love to combine files for almost everything I make. :)

  2. great !!!
    and thanks for the resize Information !!!
    I love the back idea on your Card ;o)
    CU hellerlittle

  3. Thanks for the idea, is beautiful.

  4. Great idea for Father's day! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love your project/tutorial... so glad you decided to share with us ;)

  6. Love it!!! great tutorial so useful!!!

  7. Great way to use those files!!! Darling!!!


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