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Hi this is Lissa Marie here to give you some SnapDragonSnippits Design inspiration!  You can find them in the Silhouette Store or also at SVG Attic!  So my design here today is for my son.  He has been working hard playing school ball and umpiring little league after the games he is 14 going into 9th grade.  Then on June 2nd we had signed him up for Junior baseball, football, basketball and life was crazy!   When I was in school 9th grade you were still a peon until the end of the year when you got your class trip.  Nowadays if you are in sports and want to play football they have camp. So off to camp he went!  The one our high school chose is about 7 hours away they are gone four days at a Boise State University.  It was such excitement and so special.  So when he got home I wanted him to feel special and that we missed him.  (my daughter's idea to make him the banner though) as usual I just took over!  I used the football charms (Design ID #12453) in the Silhouette store and the Collegiate Letters (Design ID #13110) to make this.  Cutting the collegiate letters in vinyl.  Hanging it from a string. We actually had it in the living room when he got here but it went to his room today over our state's team banner. 

A little closer view, it was a cute little craft and he actually liked it!  Now that is sayin' alot coming from my boy who doesn't like his mom to craft things to make him look different in front of friends!  Now he is begging for flames on his baseball helmet!  

If I had more time I would have gotten much fancier but they were suppose to stop at the water park and come  home around 10 that night but it rained and no water park, 5:00 pm he calls and said Mom I am almost home can you come get me?  So this is what he got!

I am looking forward to the years of these college letters and numbers to use over and over again with both my kids.  Just hope it encourages him to GO to college!  

Do you have a way you could use these little sports charms or letters?  If so I would love to hear about it!


  1. This is so cool Lissa! It came out so great!

  2. I would like to print out a sample monster so my grandchildren could see it. Thanks

  3. This is great!! Great that you son loved it!!!


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