Ready for some baseball?

Hi this is Lissa here to give you some snapdragon snippet creative team inspiration!  Today I have made something simple and cheap!  A dollar store cup, with the wrapped favorite sport around it.  Now this cut is bowed out so you will have to have an arch. I googled it and it said that Make the Cut has this wonderful feature to do just that!  This awesome feature is called Conical Warp in your shape magic.

Turing it around..
Here is the link to TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME if you want to try!  I love my cup.  My boy has been in school baseball and just joined the junior league so I am excited to take it everywhere with me!  
I hope this post has inspired you!  Make a fun cup for any occasion!  


  1. Awesome!!! So great that there is Conical Warp to help you with the shape for the cup!!!!


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