a Joyful creation

So why did I not get my mother's genius staging and accessorizing creativity?! I'm an artist, so you'd think all creativity would come natural. Um, no. When it comes to decorating and enhancing the basics, my Mom has me trumped there. Here is a peek at her latest project.

I love her color choice and fun objects. 
This uses a combination of some of the artists that license their artwork to Silhouette. For example, the cute lights are from Loni Harris, christmas wreath is from Jamie Koay and the star is from Lori Whitlock. 
And of coarse the letters are from me!
Jodi modified the "Letter U box" to make a "J" that would allow a platform for the 3D tree. You can see how she modified the design on her blog
 Needles 'n' Knowledge.

Be sure to check her post out and other great inspiration on her blog!


  1. Hi, where can I find the tutorial on the Silouette 3d Snowman. It's a 3 piece snowman with slits and for assembly and a top hat from 11/2012. I can't seem to find it and I can't figure the assembly out. This is such a cute file I want to try it. Thx.

    1. It looks like there is no tutorial for this one. First build the hat. Then starting with the snowman that is cut from the hat to the tummy he is the bottom. Then use the snowman cut on bottom and top and slide him onto the first snowman, Lastly slide the last one onto the two. Stand it up and place the hat onto the top. Let me know if you have other questions.


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