Lets talk stitches and free GSDs!

Alright, so I've been working on the lowercase for the stitching templates, and along the way, I realized it would really nice if I provided you with an outline of the stitching template as an option too. Here's an example of the lowercase "p" that I stitched up with two different colors:

The capitals do not have this in the files you buy from store. So here are the links to the GSD files of the outlines for FREE. They should fit around your stitching templates.
A-E outline cut file (GSD file)
F-K outline cut file (GSD file)
L-P outline cut file (GSD file)
Q-U outline cut file (GSD file)
V-Z outline cut file (GSD file)
1-6 outline cut file (GSD file)
 *The file manager I'm using can be a bit confusing to look at. Once you click the links above, you will want to click on the text that says "click here to start download..."
Don't click on the "download now" button, it will take you to something completely different. *

Speaking of stitching templates, I would love some feedback on them. Here are a few questions I have for you:

1. Do you think the holes are too large, too small or just right in comparison to the design?

2. Do you think I've placed the holes too close, too far apart, or just right?

3. When creating the templates around curves, the holes must be somewhat close, otherwise the design turns out very choppy. Do think the straights on these designs should follow the same spacing as the curves or be further apart?

I'm always trying to improve my designs, so I look forward to hearing your opinion! Also, some really fun designs to come this week. Stay tuned!


  1. I think they are great the way they are. Maybe making the holes slightly smaller would be good.

  2. Kenzie - however you did the "p" in the example above looks great, just right. I can't tell if the holes are all spaced the same, or adjusted for the curve. One suggestion on the size of the holes would be - how much trouble is it to do both and offer both versions in a download file? If you want to embroider it with just floss or some sort of fine thread, then the small holes are perfect, but if you want to use something like silk ribbon (seriously cool) or thick chunky twine or yarn, then you need bigger holes.
    Do you think you could make a flourish with snowflakes? (I have a stamp with a flourish and at the end of each swoop is a small snowflake, so something like that is what I'm thinking, or maybe like your grad cap flourish with a snowflake) I'd love to make that with sparkly white thread, and incorporate some white beads.

  3. Both sizes is a good idea for providing extra options. As long as it doesn't make the file too large, I'll try that on future designs. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I've been thinking about a snowflake flourish too. Still working on the holly leaves you suggested too. As always, thanks for your input!

  4. Kenzie, I was wondering if you would be able to do a version like
    with dashes cut out big enough to see an underlying color paper? (Not necessarily the same font)
    I love real stitching but sometimes I don't have the time and thought this might be an awesome cheater method option! ;)

  5. I just received my email from quickutz today showing off that link! I could easily do templates like those. If you like quilting at all, there are two blocks like those already for sale. Just search "quilting templates" and look for two black templates. I will get to work on alphabets and other fun ideas too!

  6. YAY!
    And I do have those quilt block files too! ;)

    oooh! if you can do a snowflake "fake stitching" design......ohgosh that would be awesome for an easy card. Or a series.....oh the possibilities!

    Are you crazy yet from all the wish lists items we throw at ya?? LOL!



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