New Designs

Planets are finished. Here are the last two along with a surprise to go with them.

And here is the surprise, the space shuttle!



  1. Hi Kenzie!
    Love your little irish Lepracaun feet!
    Still waiting with great anticipation for your Scottish castles. Please, let me know that they'll be coming soon.

  2. Issy, I've been having a little trouble with them. Having never been there, I'm not liking how they have been turning out compared to the pictures I've found to look at online. If you have a good picture of the one you'd like or both, could you send it to me at I can't quite figure out which shapes are what buildings, which are walls, walkways, etc from the photos online. I've even tried goodle earth to see if I can understand what I'm seeing. If you don't have something I could us as a reference, I'll show you what I have and you can let me know if I'm even close. Thanks for your input!

  3. I am trying to figure out the space shuttle to do htv on a shirt.But I don't know how it goes together. I don't understand the solid black piece and I can't find any directions about it anywhere. Unless someone can help me, its just a wasted pattern.


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