3D Letter "E" Tutorial

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Debb is sharing another great tutorial. This time is the 3D Box letter E file #28784

Identify the pieces. There will be matching symbols cut into the tabs to help keep the top pieces and the bottom pieces together.

The HEART, DIAMOND, SQUARE, and CIRCLE are the narrower panels and create the top.
(Note: the DOUBLE TRIANGLE, DOUBLE CIRCLE , DOUBLE HEART and DOUBLE RECTANGLE  are the wider pieces and create the bottom. The process is done in reverse, with the letter being upside-down.)

Match the ends and glue together. Continue gluing all the matching pieces.

The last piece will connect to the first piece creating a loop and forming the outside of the letter.

Identify the long side of the shape and attach the long side of the E. You can fold at the score lines at this point. 

Fold the tabs inward and create the E shape. Glue the top down to the tabs.

It might be helpful to press on the tabs from the inside.

Attach the decorative panels.

The inside panels are small and you might need tweezers to get them in place. You might also want to add the panels before you attach the top.

The completed letter E.

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