Welcoming Jodi G. Warner to my blog!

With all that has been going on, I convinced my wonderful Mom to help me out with some posts to inspire you. To many in the state of Utah, she is known as Jodi G. Warner, owner of Hearthsewn Patterns, and a great quilter. I definitely know that now. Growing up, I didn't quite realize that though. I new that if I need something altered she'd do it. If I wanted a custom prom dress, she'd be able to make it, or if I needed something fixed, she could fix it. (I still put her to work when she visits. What would I do without her!)

She directed me to my first job. A "folder" at what was then a little fabric shop called "The Fabric Center" in West Jordan, UT. (Which might have started of as a way to get the discount, but turned into my favorite part-time job that I continued working for during the summers in college.)  I eventually made it to clerk and enjoyed it oh so much. Looking back, I still remember that first day that my Mom had to practically "push" me out the van doors. I was so frightened. I think working with all the quilters even though I wasn't an actual "quilter" helped me realize what a celebrity my Mom was in the quilting world. 

Now that I have my own house and try decorating it, I have also come to realize that she has great tastes! As a teenager, you never think your parents have good tastes. But, boy was I wrong. I go back "home" (they have moved from the house I grew up in) and wish I could make our home look even close to as cute as hers. She definitely has a nack for the crafting world. I think if I had more time on my hands I might be able to combine all the die cuts in the way she does. Someday I guess. For now though, I've convinced her to share some of her talent on my blog.

Please make her feel welcome as she is new to the blogging world. I think she is going to enjoy blogging and I hope that you enjoy her posts!

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  1. Welcome Jodi! It only makes sense that Kenzie's mom would be an amazing crafter too. Looking forward to your posts!


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