Working on Exploding Box tutorial. That and more coming soon!

Silhouette users, sorry I don't have the tutorial for the exploding boxes up yet. In the middle of getting that ready. I have load of pictures on my camera waiting to be "tutorialized" for other 3d creations so after my sons birthday party this weekend, I'll hopefully have time to put a few more tutorials on too. As always, thank you all for your patience!
Also, if you haven't noticed, I've taken over Snapdragon Snippets and am now doing all business under that name. So if you see designs you like in the Silhouette store from Snapdragon, it's still me. I haven't left Silhouette.  Right now there are two facebook pages you can comment on because of this (Daley Designs & Snapdragon). I haven't yet decided how I want to handle this, whether to shut one down or keep them both. So, for now, they are both available to you. I will check for comments and questions on both pages.

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