What did you create witht the free shape?

With everything going on, I forgot I was going to feature a photo from one of you!
Here's an entry from Sarah Smith that was submitted on my facebook page.

Thanks for entering! I love your color choice! Such a bright happy card!


  1. Glad to have you back :D

    here's what I made!

    I love this flourish!!

  2. oops, hit post before I finished!

    Love your card Sarah!! I love pink on Christmasy things :D

  3. I'm with you on Sarah's card - that is sooo pretty! I also love pink on Christmas layouts/cards (maybe because I see so much of it with two girls?)
    And Denise (Denni?) - I checked out your blog and your design is AMAZING! You really rocked Kenzie's design!!!

  4. Amazing Denise! I am always in awe of what you can create!
    Lauren, Two of mine are girls too, and I used to hate pink until they were born. Now I can't get enough. Maybe that's why I love Sarah's colors too!


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