School Days

I can say that some of my fondest memories happened in college. Of coarse meeting my wonderful husband was one of them. There were the crazy days in the dorms, football games, late nights (VERY late nights), good and bad roommates, papers, tests, and the numerous social events that happen. As everyone gears up to go back to school or are already in school, I'm jelous. I have many people tell me I'm weird, but I just have this thirst of knowledge. I'll get back to taking classes once the kids are in school in a few years, but for now, I'll just reminise.
I'm going to try to give you a freebee every two weeks. Todays is a pack of 4 college related phrases:

*The file manager I'm using can be a bit confusing to look at. Once you click the links above, you will want to click on the text that says "click here to start download..."
Don't click on the "download now" button, it will take you to something completely different. *

Also, if you haven't seen them, I've also designed a set of collegiate letters. They are sold in sets of 5 letters (except for set F thru K, which is 6 letters.) and are created from two layers. Collect them all!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing Kenzie!. I really admire you, you ultra busy and talented lady.


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