A little bit of everything!

It's been awhile since I've posted anything I realize. Sorry for that. Our family recently visited made the wonderful 14 to 16 hour drive to Tucson, Arizona to see Grandma & Grandpa, and since then, it's been recovery time. Let me tell you, I do not want to travel that far with 3 little kiddos and being 7 months pregnant for quite awhile. It was great to see family though! Just wish we lived closer.

So since the last post, there have been quite a few new designs added to the store. Here they are plus a few that should hopefully be added soon!




  1. So glad you got to take a break and enjoy some family time (especially since you will be veeerry busy soon :-)
    As always, fab designs. I'll have to go hunt out some pix of my handyman hubby to use on a layout with those awesome tools. The dinosaurs are amazing, as well. We've got a dino exhibit in town that I'm taking my big girl to see, so now I'll be all set!

  2. Oh, and one more comment - those are the most amazing cherries I've ever seen!!! At first when I saw them in the store, I thought it was a PNC of a photo!!! I'm teaching my big girl how to cook this summer, and cherry pie is on the agenda, and your cherries will be on the layout! I think I may apply some Glossy Accents over the top of the cherry when it's assembled.

  3. Lauren, Thanks so much for your comments! I love to hear how people use the designs and their creativity. I'd love to post pictures of what you end up doing on my blog here if you wouldn't mind. If you're up for it, send a photo or a couple photos to my email: modaley2@msn.com.

  4. Dearest Kenzie!
    Love, love, love your cruise ship and all things related. Just perfect for my Hawaii cruise holiday, which I'm just about to scrap!
    Hope the pregnancy is going well.

  5. Kenzie - I will be happy to send you some pix when I ever finish a page!!! At the moment, our printer is on the fritz, and I'm not one for handwritten journaling, sooo... All of my pages are in the queue, waiting for the printer to be fixed. As soon as I get some done where I've used your designs, I'll definitely send them along!


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