Edinburgh Castle

So I need some opinions. I created this digital die cut of Edinburgh Castle back in Feb. or March and put it on hold because I was having trouble figuring out if I was representing this gorgeous landmark well enough. Anyone who has been there or is from there, please let me know if it is to your satisfaction before I submit it. As usual, I value your opinions. Thanks!


  1. I just looked up the Edinburgh Castle and from the pictures I seen your die cut is a great representation.
    since you have been creating these great castle I have been looking them up on line, and it makes me want to go see them. They are so beautiful. I have all ways wanted to live in a castle ever since I was a kid....lol

  2. Thanks for your input Angela, I have had similar experiences as you. Whenever there is a request for a landmark I haven't been to, I have enjoyed researching it and it's history. It makes me want to travel! This world has so many fascinating places to visit!

  3. Hi Kenzie! I was so excited to see Edinburgh Castle on your blog!. It's quite a good representation. I wondered if you had visited www.edinburghcastle.gov.uk. This is the official website for the castle and they play a montage of different views of the castle, which you could use to compare with your Sil die. Well done! If you fancy it, how about Stirling Castle, to go with the Wallace Monument (Which sits opposite it, across the valley?)Love what you're doing! Hope the pregnancy is going well. xo

  4. I am born and bred from Edinburgh and where I work I have a great view of the castle from across Princes street gardens and if you could make a silhouette of that view it would be awesome. As for the cut above, well I can honestly say that it is very nearly as stunning as the main entrance is in real life and I especially like the fact you have detailed the places for the Robert the Bruce and William Wallace statues either side of the main entrance.
    Keep up the good work, I am envious of your talent.


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