Here are a few graduation designs that should hopefully be showing up this week in the store.
And here are the two designs that are already available:


  1. Hi Kenzie! I'm new to your blog but have been using your designs for a while with my Silhouette. Love your work! I am happy to see you have some phrases in Spanish in your new designs. I'd love to share some other ideas of phrase we use in Spanish so that you can work on them. Please e-mail me to let me know where I can send them to you. Thanks!

  2. Hi Mari! I'd love to hear some suggestions of spanish phrases. My hubby lived in Argentina for awhile and knows Spanish, but he doesn't know what phrases are popular in the crafting world. Feel free to post them here or to send them to

  3. Hi Kenzie,
    I like your graduation designs, but I was wondering about the the design where the phrase says Class of 2010. How can I change that to be relevant for 2012?
    Would appreciate your help asap, as we have a celebration that I am decorating for in a couple of weeks.

    1. Are you talking about the subway art block at the top of this post? It is a print & cut. I will see if I can find the old file and fix it for 2012 and let you know when it is uploaded to the store if you are interested.


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